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Local Events

Enjoy Local Events and Things To Do

Located in the heart of the South Zone, Casa Grande Express offers unmatched access to the best annual events, festivals, sporting events and celebrations in La Paz, Bolivia. When planning what to do during your stay, please view the event calendar below. Our front desk staff is happy to help with recommendations, tickets, travel arrangements and more.


Each Palm Sunday, an agricultural fair features animals, fruits and vegetables for sale, as well as traditional foods. On Good Friday, thousands make a pilgrimage on foot from La Paz to Copacabana.

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Labor Day

Each Labor Day in La Paz, most businesses and government offices in La Paz close for Día Internacional Del Trabajo, a day of parades, demonstrations and other events honoring the daily worker. 

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Aymara New Year

Held on the day the earth is the farthest from the sun, Aymara New Year features ceremonies in the Valle de la Luna and Tiawanaku, which the Aymara consider one of their sacred places.

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Independence Day

Also known as Dia de la Patria, this two-day celebration features patriotic marches, military parades, gun salutes, street dances and cultural events reflecting the rich heritage of Bolivia. 

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Todos Santos

Todos Santos, or All Saints’ Day, is a day on which Bolivian families gather to welcome the returning dead with family feasts and ceremonies. 

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Each Christmas season, La Paz becomes a holiday wonderland, with shop windows decorated with Nativity scenes and Christmas trees and the streets filled with colored lights, street vendors and plenty of Christmas music. While their parents sell their crafts, children often roam the streets playing Christmas carols with native instruments like pinquillos (traditional flutes), charangos (small, 5-stringed guitars) and tarkas (square flutes).

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New Year’s Eve

This festive celebration to ring in the New Year features parties, parades and fireworks, with agricultural fairs in the rural areas. 

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Feria de la Miniatura (Alasitas)

The feast of Alasitas, which in Aymara means "buy," showcases beautifully made miniature objects from skilled local craftsmen at booths throughout the city. 

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